About Us

When starting out as new quilters, we usually start with a simple pattern.  And we follow that first pattern to the letter. Sometimes down to using the exact fabrics used in the picture or even buying a kit with the fabric already chosen for us.

But then something magical happens.  

Should we follow the color and value suggestions from the pattern designer?  Maybe change a color or value or two? Choose a wild or otherwise unexpected print or fabric?  As a quilter builds their skills and gets ready to take a few risks, a world of possibilities opens up and can turn the making of a quilt into an adventure.

Every decision you make could lead you down the road to disaster… or victory!  Does anyone else remember the series of books that our blog’s name references? But you’ll always be learning something about the art and craft of quilting.  And as my husband puts it, “Worst case scenario you still have a quilt at the end of it”.


Stacy, Theresa and I (Shelly) started working on quilts together in 2016.  It turns out that having other obsessed quilters to obsess about our quilting obsession with makes it even more fun.  Did I mention we’re obsessed?

Quilting adventures are more fun with friends so we thought, “Maybe blogging will be too”! Coming soon we’ll each post a bio about our quilting adventures and then in the future some stories and even a few tutorials.  Specifically I’m working on one about spinning seams on four patches (and nine patches, and sixteen patches, and beyond!).

Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook group if there’s something you’d be interested in hearing about.  Looking forward to the adventures to come!