Stacy’s Bio

Hello quilting friends!  I’m Stacy Harding, fellow obsessed quilter.  I have been a crafter all my life, from cross stitching to making jewelry to wood and paints. I remember as a small child sitting around my aunt’s house with my mom and all the ladies of the family making truckloads of all manner of crafts just because.  I never really found the love of quilting until about 8 years ago.

My quilting life started with purchasing a bunch of 2 ½” pre-cut squares from my aunt’s garage sale and figuring out most of the basics on my own. I had a hand-me-down Singer sewing machine from my Grandma Ruth that had a knee bar instead of a pedal and a  light my grandpa rigged up to the back that would burn your knuckles if you touched it. And I sewed those little miss-matched scrappy squares together. Not so well, I might add, but I’ve been hooked ever since! I don’t have that beautiful machine any more, but I still have the quilt to remind me where I started.

The next real project I started was a queen sized foundation pieced crazy quilt fully hand embroidered on every seam.  Yeah, I went big. But since then then I’ve become an avid quilter, crazed with collecting more fabric than anyone alive and dreaming about making every quilt possible.  I have several projects in the works just like most quilters. And I hate to admit the crazy quilt is still a WIP for me.

But quilting my friends Shelly and Theresa, and all the ladies we’ve met on our quilty adventure, has really helped me blossom into someone who actually finishes these wonderful quilty projects!  

I’ve cleared out (almost) all other crafts from my life – with the occasional paint job or jewelry project every now and then.  And I couldn’t be happier. Quilting is a passion, and an art, and quite frankly a way of life. I can’t wait to see what more adventures this way of life brings me! (And someday, I will find that Singer again and bring her home.)


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