Theresa’s Bio

Hi there!  I’m Theresa McFarling.  I accidentally became obsessed with quilting about 8 years ago.  I had an old sewing machine that sounded like a jet taking off on a really long runway, so my husband David bought me a new machine and I made a quilt. And then I had to make more.  And more. I loved the look of scrap quilts, with so much going on in them due to the variety of fabrics.

My sewing machine (when I only owned one) was in the room we used as the office.  I had a little desk and a little basket with ‘scraps’. Over time, and as the adult children moved out (BYE!), I took over the basement and bought more scraps, and of course, more sewing machines.  After one purchase of a new Juki, David asked me which sewing machine I was going to sell. I had to teach him a lesson that day.

I have a BDJ (boring day job) that I have to go to every week day, but I HAVE to find time to fit in a little sewing every day.  In particular, I am in love with applique – raw edge. I also love curved piecing. I love EPP. I love sitting on the couch stitching.  I love traveling in a car with stitching. I love everything that is super slow and takes forever!

I have designed a couple of quilt patterns and have sold a few others, but my real goal is to win a blue ribbon at the Iowa State Fair before I die!  Will this year be my year? Maybe!