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Iowa State Fair – just around the corner!

Our little quilting group is neck deep in prepping for our Iowa State Fair quilt entries!  I know I personally still have at least 1 (maybe 2) more to quilt – and then there’s the binding…. 😦

The past 2 years we entered a group scrap quilt, and this year is (hopefully) no different.  We’ve been sewing the hours away, working on a Jack’s Chain quilt and it’s been quite the challenge – it’s full of hexagons, 9 patches, and Y-Seams Y-Seams Y-Seams!  But we’re learning and doing it all as a group, which is what really counts.

Do I hear a Y-seam tutorial in our future?  Uhm..  Maybe…. let’s see how well we do before we start thinking we’re in any position to give advice on it! LOL  Get together tonight for one of the last ‘push through’ days to get ‘er done, so we’re almost there.  Wish us luck that we make it by the due date July 27th!!  (Seems like a lot of time till then, but remember the quilting and then that pesky binding)

Even if we don’t get this Jack’s Chain done, the three of us have some pretty good entries of our own.  Shelly has an awesome modern quilt inspired by Ursula Kern. I can’t even describe it, y’all, you just have to see it! And Theresa’s entries are just spectacular, holy hand-stitching!! (let’s prod them to post about their works of art after the fair?!)  As for mine, I hope to get a found and finished done – one of those that still needs quilted.  I pieced it about a year ago and wasn’t yet inspired to quilt it… I’m still kinda not feeling it, so we’ll see.  But for sure I’ll be submitting this Medallion Star quilt, pattern by Quilt Addicts Anonymous.  It was fun to make and even more fun to quilt.  Just teaser pics (with horrible lighting) are attached because I haven’t done the binding yet.  I’ll post soon with much better pics and talk about how I adjusted the size and such.

I’d love to hear about everyone else’s fair entries or just projects you’re working on!  I always get such inspiration hearing about and seeing other people jazzed about quilting.  I can only hope you all feel the same about us!!

Talk to you soon!



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