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My Quilting Room = My Happy Place


My quilting room is my happy place.  It’s where I go to unwind from a long day at the cubicle farm. It’s where I go when I’m in a super great mood and want to create something.  It’s where I went to heal my broken heart from the soul crushing end to the Avengers: Infinite War. Yes, I’m a sci-fi and fantasy movie geek, so it’s also where I go to watch my Harry Potter series at least 2 or 3 times a year…

My quilting room is also usually a total mess.   And it’s not for lack of space with the addition of too much stuff.  I have a 16 foot counter along one wall that all of my sewing notions and rulers are piled stored on. There is a five and a half foot folding table that was set up as a temporary sewing space for a visitor that has since been covered with my On Ringo Lake quilt in progress.  And since I am incapable of focusing on one project for too long, I have at least 2 other projects in progress and spread across the room. I also have a 4 foot square wood table that is my primary sewing space but is always covered with these WIPs, plus my machine, scissors, Milk Duds, pin cushions, and at least one can or bottle of soda.

Not to mention the ironing board that often doubles as a shelf, and the other 3 walls that store my collections of vintage lunch boxes, antique toy sewing machines, and of course my fabric hoard… I mean Stash.   There are some days that I will spend 4 hours in my room and get nothing sewn because I’m “organizing” all my stuff. (I’m also usually binging Friends or Supernatural).

I acknowledge that my sewing room isn’t just for sewing, it’s for my Me Time.  It’s my She Shed (in the basement), my woMan Cave, and I think that’s perfectly acceptable, everyone needs their place to go to be at peace.  

But even I have to admit I have GOT to get this under control!  I’m writing this as a sort of catalyst to get my butt in gear and get it done.  I’m getting ready for the silhouette quilt along and it is always nice to stay organized in a project when your room is tidy.  I am super excited to be participating in this, and I’ll be learning somethings from Shelly and Theresa right along with all of you!   So starting today, I’m going to get organized in my space!  I’ll post occasionally to show my progress, but you guys have to help keep me accountable!  Starting today!!  ….. or maybe right after Harry defeats Voldemort.

– Stacy

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