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The Definition of Obsession

The definition of obsession: an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind. … at least according to Google.  It doesn’t get any more accurate than this when it comes to me and my thoughts on quilting. I find myself thinking about my current project at least 10 times a day.  Okay that’s a lie, I think about all 14 works in progress, all the projects my quilty friends are working on, and at least 5 other projects rolling around in my head. And it never fails that at least one of those 5 possible projects eventually consumes me to the point where I HAVE TO start it or I can think of nothing else.  

Isn’t that the real definition of obsession?!

When I start on that new project, it’s like a new relationship.  I’m giddy about just the thought of it. I spend hours picking the perfect fabrics, feeling them and folding them just so, because I know when I get it just right, it will be amazing!  

And then… I start to cut the fabrics and I’m all gung-ho so I decide I’m going to cut every piece for the entire queen-sized quilt. Because it’s so fun to be working with these new wonderful fabrics, I can’t seem to stop until I do stop cutting because I can’t wait anymore to sew the first block together and that first block turns out better than I thought so I have to sew another one, and maybe just a couple more and then it’s 1:00 in the morning on a work night and I should really go to bed, but I just can’t stop thinking about that quilt and how I’m going to quilt it when it’s all done, and maybe I’ll quilt it this weekend (3 days from now) when I have the whole top finished…. *whew*

So I’ll spend the next few days working on this fantastic quilt.  Every block is still more exciting than the last.  Even though I’m kind of over the spectacularness of it, I’m still enthusiastic about the finished product.  But there’s no gung-ho to get it done this weekend.  OH, and by the way, I saw this really cool pattern on Pinterest today that I think would be stunning in jewel tones, and I think I have most of the fabrics already, I think I’ll go home tonight and see what I have for that, and I can touch them and fold them just so to get it right……………

This is the quilting cycle in my brain.  I can’t be the only one like this?!  In my opinion, it’s natural to want to make all the quilts, in all the colors, with all the fabrics, in all the patterns.  I think, I think, I think……. I think a lot about quilting!!

Do you obsess about quilting and your next projects?!   


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