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Silhouette Quilt Along – Week 12 – The Quilting Plan

Oooo boy, are you ready to get some quiltin’ on!? Before we begin, I just want to say thanks to all who are reading and sticking with us on this.  Even if you’re not quilting along, we’d love to hear from you.  If you are doing the QAL, give us a shout out and share some progress pics with us!

I’m almost  ready to start the  actual quilting, but since I’ve put so much time and thought into the layout of the silhouette, I want to really make sure I’m ready for the quilting.  And, I’m kind of on a kick to quilt the heck out of my projects, so it’s going to really take me some time.  We three in Quilt Your Own Adventure are super privileged to have our own midarm or longarms, so we can do the quilting ourselves! But whether you are quilting it yourself or having another person longarm it for you, you should prepare a plan, even if it’s just an all over design you want.

Stacy’s Stuffs

To get my head around all the elements for the quilt, I drew myself a picture of the outline of the silhouette.  This way I can try out some pencil drawings of the quilt patters and see what they look like. It’s pretty small compared to the whole quilt, but for me it gets the job done.

Since my silhouette is a big tree along the side and top, I plan to quilt a sort of leaf design for the top and wood grain along the trunk of the tree.  I’ve scoured the internet for an example for the leaves but can’t find one.  So I’m figuring one out.  I think it will be pretty close to this: leaves quilt plan

As for the rest of the quilt, the tree trunk will be a wood grain pattern, obvious yes but with black thread on black fabric, it will give it a very nice texture.

And the sunset background… I’m waffling.  I think I’d like to do an all over pattern of just swirls and texture, but I’m also considering doing a sort of organic wavy lines with points that double back.  I’m trying to think of what quilting on a sunset should be.  I’d love any feedback or thoughts anyone has…. here’s my try-outs so far. tree swing quilt plan

Shelly’s Stuffs

Ack! Time for a quilting plan.  I’m kinda flying by the seat of my pants on this one but I did want to throw out the idea of using my big traced silhouette to try to test out my plan (I haven’t done that yet but will try to share a pic sometime this week on our Facebook group.  I’ve been looking all over for an echo quilting foot for my new Janome 1600P-QC but it doesn’t seem to exist.  My plan was is echo quilt inside of the Octopus (lack of an echo quilting foot might make this more of a challenge).  Then outside of the Octopus I’m thinking a simple allover pattern would be nice.  Probably a watery meander (like this) as it’s one of my go to’s.

Theresa’s Stuffs

Welp, I drew the long straw and have a small quilt! I love free motion swirls, so that was my go-to for the sky. The buildings I did with straight stitching, with some word quilting on a building by my fearless girl!


I added some word quilting down the building next to my girl, I like how it turned out with the exception of the ss’s. I need more practice with writing with thread! I also added some long hand stitches with metallic thread, not sure it added to the quilt visually but I know it’s there (:

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