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Silhouette Quilt Along – Week 13 – Quilting Progress

So how’s it going?!

Stacy’s Progress:

It’s slow going for me, folks, because I’ve had some issues with my backing. I found a perfect orange and pieced my back with a black strip down the middle/side. Loaded my beautiful backing and quilt onto my long arm rack and began to test the tension on the side before stitching onto the top. Long story short – I bought cheap fabric for the backing and it was just bad. So… after buying new fabric, piecing the new back, unloading the first train wreck, reloading the new backing, and then reloading and adjusting the quilt top and batting I was ready to roll!

I’ve only just begun on the top of the tree, but so far I’m jazzed how it’s turning out. I’m debating if I will go back through and stitch the veins in each leaf or not. (Do you you have thoughts?) I think it may depend on how I quilt the sunset background… which I haven’t figure out how yet, either… ugh. Hey, that’s why we call it adventures in quilting – because you never know where the adventure is going to take you!!!

silhouette tree leaves

Shelly’s Progress

Well guys it was bound to happen…. I’m behind! I haven’t even started my quilting. In other news I just got myself a midarm! I found a Little Gracie II frame with a stitch regulator on Craigslist so I bought that and a shiny new Janome 1600P-QC to go with it. So exciting! So I did one test quilt pieced by a good friend; she wasn’t super thrilled with or attached to the top and said I could use it for practice.

Wood grain quilting with some issues

Yikes! Look at those tucks and pleats! I’m not sure if it was user error or the construction of the top. Forging ahead anyway!

Now that that’s out of the way I’m almost ready to start quilting the octopus quilt but I need a few more things I ordered to come in the mail: Some light/medium teal thread, some black thread, and these neato little echo quilting guides that I found online (Janome doesn’t make an echo quilting foot for my machine so I thought I’d give these a try, they’re supposed to snap on to almost any 1/2 inch ruler foot).

In the meantime I’m going to get my quilt loaded on the frame and do some more doodling while I wait. So exciting!

Theresa’s Stuffs

Okay, I have to say small quilts finish earlier than larger quilts. So I have nothing to talk about for this week for the silhouette quilt…but remember My Meadow Quilt? It took 9 months and I told myself to skip a year before doing that again. I lied to myself!

Here is the beginning of My September Evening!


If you see a dish in the top left corner, that’s the cats china plate. My husband serves his food on fine china, on a placemats, on the counter. They’re lovers. I’m sure of it.

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