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Silhouette Quilt Along – Starting our Adventure!

Hi guys! We’re starting our Silhouette Quilt Along tomorrow and wanted to share a little bit more about what to expect before we really dive in. We don’t want anyone to be intimidated, we’re going to make it fun and easy to follow along. You can do this!!

Week One
Choose your background layout and silhouette applique shape!

Choose your own adventure is the theme! What we’re each making is a big block simple background with a big appliqued silhouette on it. During this week we’ll share our selected background patterns, fabric/yardage requirements and other supplies. At least three patterns and sizes or choose your own!

Week Two
Choose your fabric.

This week we’ll talk about our fabric selection and silhouette applique shape along with some tips on what to look for when you’re making your selections.

Week Three
Get everything cut out!

A necessary evil unless you’re a quilty genius and went with one of the precut options.

Week Four
Assemble background

Don’t worry we’ll help with some tutorials! Ask us any questions you have in the comments!

Week Five
Keep assembling background!

We’ll answer any questions we’ve gotten about the background assembly. If you’ve put off picking a silhouette get on it!

Week Six
Create silhouette applique image

More tutorials! Don’t be scared of the applique! At the bottom of this post we have a picture of Shelly’s first ever machine applique. Turned out just fine not scary at all!

Week Seven
Iron applique onto background

This should be an easy week and give you some time to catch up if you’ve gotten behind.

Week Eight
Applique your silhouette onto the background

Even more tutorials! For real, we promise applique is not scary! Ask your questions in the comments.

Week Nine
Keep working on your applique

We’ll answer any questions you have!

Week Ten
Make a label for your quilt

Labels are not hard and are super important. You’re an artist, sign your work!

Week Eleven
Piece backing (if needed) and prepare binding

Everyone’s favorite part! Right?!

Week Twelve
Quilting Plans

We’ll share how we’re planning to quilt our adventures to really make them shine. Share pictures of your progress or as questions and the whole gang can weigh in with some thoughts. Quilting is more fun with friends!

Week Thirteen
Quilting Progress

We’ll share how far along we are and would love to hear how things are going for you!

Week Fourteen
Get your binding on!

Oh wait! Maybe this is our favorite part?! More tutorials!

Weeks Fifteen, Sixteen and Seventeen
The Reveals!

It’s not a race… but whoever finishes first gets to share first (We’re looking at you @soshesewed).

If anyone wants to share your progress or finished silhouettes, we would love to add a week or two for that!!

Who’s excited for this quilt along?! We’d love to hear from you!

fusible web applique, first attempt, backwards

Here’s my first ever attempt at fusible applique. Got the letter backwards but otherwise it looks pretty alright!

applique letter n, inappropriate fussy cut

Here’s the first one I did that wasn’t a test block. I was thrilled with how it came out.

quillow, quilt pillow, applique names on quilt

And here’s the finished product in case you were curious. I made these three quillows for my sisters girls. They loved them!

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